FacialMist™ Pro Facial Steamer

FacialMist™ Pro Facial Steamer FacialMist™ Pro Facial Steamer - FacialMist™

FacialMist™ Pro Facial Steamer

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Bring the spa wherever you go.

The FacialMist™ Pro Facial Stemer quickly opens up pores to remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities from the skin! Add this tool to your skincare routine to achieve healthier, more radiant skin through improved blood circulation and absorption of skincare products. 

Our spa-quality Pro Cleansing Facial Steamer uses micro-steam technology to infuse your skin with hydration, leaving an immediate glow on your face.


How to Use: 

  • Fill up the tank with Purified Water Only 
  • Insert the water tank back into FacialMist™
  • Connect the plug into the power outlet
  • Turn on the steamer and enjoy 12 minutes of facial cleansing and rejuvenation 

No matter your skin type,  you can detoxify your skin and clear up your pores by removing excess oils and sebum.

With clear pores, your skin will be more receptive to the rest of your skincare routine, making your other products more effective!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make the skin smoother and cleaner?

The FacialMist™ Pro opens up the pores on your skin, making treatment more effective.

Does the mist spray quickly? How strong is it?

Within 15 seconds, the mist will begin to spray, and it's quite powerful. We would recommend maintaining a safe distance to achieve maximum effects!

How do I track my order?

Simply visit the 'Track my Order' page on this site and type in your order number!


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