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People are Loving Their FacialMist™!

I've never used a face steamer before but have heard so many great things lately on how well these work for people's skin. I took the leap and ordered one and I couldn't be anymore satisfied! I've used this face steamer only a few times so far and I am surprised to say that I can already notice a difference in my skin! Would definitely recommend!

Ardena L.

"I have been contemplating on buying facial steamer for a while. I used to use old school method which is hot towel over fave to open pores. Finally I decided to purchase one and i am loving it. I actually use it almost every night even for cleansing! I put my deep exfoliating cleanser on dry skin and turn the steamer on. I add a little bit of water on my skin and do circular motions and keep my face under steamer. There’s no better way to cleanse. My skin feels amazing after! Squeaky clean and pores look clean too. After if i have time i use a mask. This steamer is of a great quality and just perfect temperature of steam. Not to hot right where it’s supposed to be. I cannot recommend it enough."

Jordan A.

"I picked this one mainly because I was attracted to the aesthetics. It’s gorgeous. Comes with a acne extraction kit AND DIRECTIONS that are easy to comprehend 😆 I used it right out of the box. Use distilled or purified water only. Feels amazing. Just a test run but will test full effect over the weekend. 💕 I have used the steamer again, and it works great. So soothing. Amazingggggg I’m so happy I bought this!"

Ashley H.

"I am in love with this vaporizer, it is like having a professional spa at home, i have used others thats its steam is minimal and i feel that it does not penetrate the pores, instead this is very powerful and does not require much exposure to steam to open the pores, and i discovered that being so effective i put it on a minute before putting on a mask with vitamin C treatment with Hyaluronic Acid. I put on makeup every day, i have to obsess about keeping my skin smooth without impurities, and this vaporizer is really good"

Jessica K.

"Extremely happy with this Steamer. Very easy to use. It steams very fast and it lasts around 10 minutes. I have been using other remedies for my blackheads but I have never had good results with them. This Steamer is incredible. You can use it for pimples too if you have any. The steamer is not heavy you can grab it easily with one hand. I'm very happy with the high quality of this Steamer and very amazed with the results."

Isabella T.

"I do a face treatment a week. I used to apply classical methods (such as hot towel after showering) before. This steamer; easy to use, with a single on / off key. There's a small water reservoir on the back. It gave steam in a short time. The pores opened. I used it with a face mask. I feel my skin and it looks great. This steamer is an excellent size for home or travel. It's very modern and chic. I can make my own spa at home."

Sofia B.

"I’ve had this about a week and have used it on myself and my husband. We’re obsessed. Super easy to use, small enough to store away (I keep mine under the sink), and very affordable! I feel like luxury when I use this. Definitely an aesthetically pleasing item.

Obviously it’s great for skincare, but I also just wanted to add that if you suffer allergies, chronic sinus issues, etc.. this could be your best friend. I’ve noticed that if I use this before bed, my airways will feel a lot more open and I breathe SOOO much better and sleep better as a result.

Everyone should have one of these at home!"

Madison C.

"I highly recommend this steamer. Does the job. Very nice, even, fine mist. Lasts about 10-15 minutes. Doesn't get overwhelmingly hot. Easy to use and clean. Plus it's cute (design-wise) and not bulky at all. My skin definitely loves this. I use it before applying clay masks or just when I feel my skin needs to be refreshed. I've also seen a difference in my acne. I bought this one after comparing several and am glad I chose this one. It's super affordable and definitely a bang for your buck. I don't really use the extraction tools provided with it but it's a nice bonus to have. Good quality and seems durable."

Olivia S.

"Probably one of my BEST purchases. I have an extremely difficult time controlling my face acne! My face is always oily which is a reason for so much acne and believe me I have tried everything for my skin. After a week of using this product I noticed a difference in my skin. Of course I have breakouts here and there but nothing compared to what it was before using this product. I used it every night. It’s just so relaxing and has great benefits. 10/10"

Jaylin M.